• As I begin preparing my #CodeMash talk in earnest, I’m equally grateful that (a) they accepted one of my submissions and (b) they only accepted one of my submissions.

  • “…working together as a single mob, we saw some incredible improvements in the way our team worked together, the speed of our delivery, and the quality of the systems that we built”

  • I believe Azure DevOps has achieved Peak Dialog Box here. Dialog box titled "Cancel", with question "do you want to cancel?" and two buttons, each labeled "Cancel"

  • My earbuds are in the shop, because the future is weird.

  • The relaunched mailing list is… can a massive group mail thread be “charming”?

  • I am “I once blogged about philanthropic ways to wrangle a Gmail invitation” years old.

  • A thought I’ve been running with lately: give the users better tools than you give yourself. Make the end-user UI so nice that you’d rather use it yourself than your site’s admin interface. An admin is just someone who can use those tools on anyone’s content.

  • Matching form posts in the Pretenders mock HTTP server

    I’ve used the Pretenders “Fake servers for testing” on a number of work and personal projects, with generally good results. But I’ve wished that it was easier to write tests against different HTML form post contents.

  • I am unreasonably excited that we may spend the next week retooling our build system. There’s something wrong with me.

  • “For the better part of two decades, I’ve been running [a web site]…” is such a bizarre thing to write. But I wrote it, along with a simple Flexbox-y way to build a responsive calendar.

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