• Writing your own slide-presentation app is a bad idea, even if you really want that one extra feature. Anyway, here’s the thing I cobbled together to deliver my #CodeMash presentation. Do as I say, not as I do (or at least do it better).

  • The slides and demo project from my Codemash 2020 presentation, “Test Driven Development - Save your time, save your sanity, write great code fast”, are up at #codemash

  • Unforeseen consequence of building a web app to run my presentation’s slides (long story, it’s doing demo-project git checkouts along the way) - need to come up with a way to export/share the slides. Yay, airplane project! #codemash

  • Since I’ll be so close to my hometown for #codemash next week, I couldn’t resist getting involved with Brent Kirby’s 10x3 Songwriter Showcase, playing a few songs and hanging with old friends.

  • Way beyond proud to be my parents’ son. When it comes to giving back, Judy and Bryan Roub lead by example

  • It’s humbling to run an old (really old) set of unit tests in randomized order. And reasonably satisfying to fix the exposed dependencies so I feel comfortable calling them “unit tests” again.

  • “You choose the web you want. But you have to do the work.” Brent Simmons: You Choose
  • Really looking forward to the #LISA19 conference next week. Here’s where I’m pretty sure I’ll be…

  • As I begin preparing my #CodeMash talk in earnest, I’m equally grateful that (a) they accepted one of my submissions and (b) they only accepted one of my submissions.

  • “…working together as a single mob, we saw some incredible improvements in the way our team worked together, the speed of our delivery, and the quality of the systems that we built”

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