• I believe Azure DevOps has achieved Peak Dialog Box here. Dialog box titled "Cancel", with question "do you want to cancel?" and two buttons, each labeled "Cancel"

  • My earbuds are in the shop, because the future is weird.

  • The relaunched mailing list is… can a massive group mail thread be “charming”?

  • I am “I once blogged about philanthropic ways to wrangle a Gmail invitation” years old.

  • A thought I’ve been running with lately: give the users better tools than you give yourself. Make the end-user UI so nice that you’d rather use it yourself than your site’s admin interface. An admin is just someone who can use those tools on anyone’s content.

  • Matching form posts in the Pretenders mock HTTP server

    I’ve used the Pretenders “Fake servers for testing” on a number of work and personal projects, with generally good results. But I’ve wished that it was easier to write tests against different HTML form post contents.

  • I am unreasonably excited that we may spend the next week retooling our build system. There’s something wrong with me.

  • “For the better part of two decades, I’ve been running [a web site]…” is such a bizarre thing to write. But I wrote it, along with a simple Flexbox-y way to build a responsive calendar.
  • Responsive calendar layout with flexbox

    For the better part of two decades, I’ve been running, a directory of open mikes1, jam nights, etc. across the US and Canada. As with many hobby sites, especially of this vintage, it’s showing its age.

    1. “Um, actually, it’s ‘mic’”. Oh, thanks. You may be surprised to find this has come up before

  • There’s regular family tech support, and then there’s the kind where you’re burning repair discs while looking for a spudger, mini drivers, and a variety of HDD-to-USB cables.

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