• Posting from Drafts, via GitHub, through Jekyll on Netlify. picks it up from there and mirrors to Twitter. The bit where a @draftsapp workflow creates the front matter and posts to GitHub’s REST API might merit a blog post. The rest is probably nuts.

  • The native Git integration in Atom is really nice. I’m an old-school everything-from-the-command-line guy, but even (especially) for partial, granular commits, I find myself staying in the editor most of the time. git add -p is becoming a rarity.

  • Another advent calendar: the Performance Calendar presents 24 nuggets each year looking at web performance from often-surprising (to me) angles.

  • I keep wondering “why am I so tired?”

  • I spend enough time at enough Bash prompts editing enough random text files that I spend a decent chunk of each day forgetting which mode I’m in. The Vimways Advent Calendar just might make me slightly more useful in these situations.

  • Why yes, I am playing with (Non-)surprise! Manton and the gang are rattling off a variety of things their service can get up to, all of which look like fun, in 12 Days of Microblogging.

  • 24 ways - the advent calendar for web geeks. This one is all over the place, in the best possible way. I’ve stolen liberally from the Service Workers article, and probably will do so with the Eleventy piece, as well.

  • Ed Thomson's Git Tips and Tricks Advent Calendar

    In hindsight, an Advent Calendar of Advent Calendars would have been fun. Ah, what could have been.

  • CD Release: Abandoned Satellites - Room Enough for the Sun

  • Here, Look

    If I Show You a Picture On My Phone... Don't Swipe Left, Don't Swipe Right, Just Look

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