• Blogging from Drafts

    Creating a micropost, and publishing it, from a draft. No GitHub app required.
  • Testing out the @draftsapp Credential object. A very handy thing, as it turns out…

  • Texting my brothers via Siri, I start a sentence with “I like that idea…”. The Echo in the room hears “Alexa” and responds out loud. Now my text reads “I like that idea, hanging out over there sorry, I don’t know that one.” The Future is forever in beta.

  • “I’ll start by using frames to set up the framework for this new website.” The one-two punch of nostalgia and terror that is Andy Clarke’s Designing Your Site Like It’s 1998.

  • Posting from Drafts, via GitHub, through Jekyll on Netlify. picks it up from there and mirrors to Twitter. The bit where a @draftsapp workflow creates the front matter and posts to GitHub’s REST API might merit a blog post. The rest is probably nuts.

  • The native Git integration in Atom is really nice. I’m an old-school everything-from-the-command-line guy, but even (especially) for partial, granular commits, I find myself staying in the editor most of the time. git add -p is becoming a rarity.

  • Another advent calendar: the Performance Calendar presents 24 nuggets each year looking at web performance from often-surprising (to me) angles.

  • I keep wondering “why am I so tired?”

  • I spend enough time at enough Bash prompts editing enough random text files that I spend a decent chunk of each day forgetting which mode I’m in. The Vimways Advent Calendar just might make me slightly more useful in these situations.

  • Why yes, I am playing with (Non-)surprise! Manton and the gang are rattling off a variety of things their service can get up to, all of which look like fun, in 12 Days of Microblogging.

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