• “For the better part of two decades, I’ve been running [a web site]…” is such a bizarre thing to write. But I wrote it, along with a simple Flexbox-y way to build a responsive calendar.

  • Responsive calendar layout with flexbox

    For the better part of two decades, I’ve been running, a directory of open mikes1, jam nights, etc. across the US and Canada. As with many hobby sites, especially of this vintage, it’s showing its age.

    1. “Um, actually, it’s ‘mic’”. Oh, thanks. You may be surprised to find this has come up before

  • There’s regular family tech support, and then there’s the kind where you’re burning repair discs while looking for a spudger, mini drivers, and a variety of HDD-to-USB cables.

  • Is there any interpretation under which an “Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt” warning from Google isn’t their fault?

  • Blogging from Drafts

    Creating a micropost, and publishing it, from a draft. No GitHub app required.
  • Testing out the @draftsapp Credential object. A very handy thing, as it turns out…

  • Texting my brothers via Siri, I start a sentence with “I like that idea…”. The Echo in the room hears “Alexa” and responds out loud. Now my text reads “I like that idea, hanging out over there sorry, I don’t know that one.” The Future is forever in beta.

  • “I’ll start by using frames to set up the framework for this new website.” The one-two punch of nostalgia and terror that is Andy Clarke’s Designing Your Site Like It’s 1998.

  • Posting from Drafts, via GitHub, through Jekyll on Netlify. picks it up from there and mirrors to Twitter. The bit where a @draftsapp workflow creates the front matter and posts to GitHub’s REST API might merit a blog post. The rest is probably nuts.

  • The native Git integration in Atom is really nice. I’m an old-school everything-from-the-command-line guy, but even (especially) for partial, granular commits, I find myself staying in the editor most of the time. git add -p is becoming a rarity.

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