Good news, I remembered how to post things! I think! We’ll see!

So, a number of years ago (fine, a number of decades ago), I went to high school with two very nice guys named Glenn and Pete. We were in jazz band together, we played in a few short-lived cover bands together, and Glenn even played on some very early demos of mine that the world must never, ever hear.

Fast-forward a while. Pete played on It Almost Seems Like Christmas — honestly, he’s the reason it was finished and released at all. We were pretty proud of the result, and loved working together. Pete joined me at a few acoustic shows, and we wondered what would happen if we recorded in an actual studio. Of course, said Pete, “we gotta get [Glenn] Hess”.

And get Hess we did.

Under the watchful ears of Mark Brasel, we recorded a 6-song EP.

Why 6 songs? Short answer: I’m not terribly prolific. There are other songs-in-progress, but if we waited for me to finish another 3 or 4, we’d have to round up to the next decade.

We called ourselves Abandoned Satellites, and released “Room Enough for the Sun” last month.

Want to own it?

Want a preview? Yes, we are in fact on Spotify.