And for the first time in 10 years, an update to the Ovation saga.

No, the guitar hasn’t magically healed itself. No, I never ever heard back from anyone at Kaman. No, I still have no intention of buying another Ovation.

But a guy named Jean Godbout decided he wanted to take a stab at repairing the thing (for his own edification). I told him it was his for the taking, if he’d cover shipping.

He sent me the check, then a few hurricanes hit Melbourne, and he waited patiently while I was a bit busy with all that.

But last week I finally sent him the damn guitar. Be interesting to see what he can do with it… but his previous work is pretty encouraging.

And yeah, I realize the gist of Jean’s page is far from “hey look at the neat stuff I built.” I’m just pointing out that he’s built some nice guitars.

Update: Jean sent a link to pics of an OM-style guitar he built here. The Ovation’s in good hands.