I wanted to say "my new CD has been released", but I don't have the CDs yet. In a week or two, yes - but the songs? The music? Those are available right now, right here.

Paul Roub - Acrophobe

It's solo, it's acoustic, it's essentially a live set without the audience. No overdubs, no edits. If you like what I do live, you're in luck. If not, you'll really, really hate it.

There's a tip jar; pay what you want, or pay nothing. Seriously. Please. Free for the taking.

How can I do that? First, it's a selfish move - "free" means easy, means shareable; which means more people hear the music. The whole point, no?

But more practically, I can do it because these people? They rock. They're awesome. "Hey guys, would you pledge some money so I can make a thing? And later, you'll get the thing, even though it will also be free?" Apparently, yes. I can't say "thanks" often enough.