An issue has cropped up recently in IE View. A compatibility tweak for Firefox 3 (beta) caused an annoying error message and bad behavior in Firefox 2. I thought I had fixed the bug in question, but it’s still popping up in a different way for certain users.

It’s that “certain users” part that’s the problem. More specifically, I’m not one of them, under various Firefox installation on Vista, XP, etc. — I can’t reproduce the problem.

If you look at the bug (Bug 18727: gIeviewBundle error in 1.3.6), you’ll see that the problem is a “TypeError: gIeviewBundle has no properties” error dialog when right-clicking a link and asking for it to be opened in IE.

You’ll also see that I need someone (preferably more than one person) with this problem to:

  1. Try it in a clean Firefox profile to see if the behavior changes
  2. Tell me what is in the Firefox Error Console:
    1. When Firefox starts
    2. After the error has occurred
  3. Try the new version attached to that bug, and tell me if it works better

And of course, your Firefox version, environment, etc. I’d definitely be curious to know what other add-ons you have installed, as well.

If you’re having this problem, I’d love to solve it for you, but I need your help. Comment on the bug] or drop me an email at

Update: probably fixed. Look over here