IE View 1.2.6 (.1) was released yesterday. Had to do a quick .1 release to make an adjustment so the Mozilla Update server would take the file. Long story, and I promise You Do Not Care. If you download it from the IE View homepage, you may get 1.2.6 or; they are effectively the same.

Changes since 1.2.5:

  • Updated to work with Firefox 1.5 Beta 2
  • Added Turkish, Serbian translations
  • Fixed bug with disappearing Toolbar button
  • Added "advanced" options tab

What’s in the Advanced tab? Why, poorly-documented features to satisfy a tiny but very vocal minority of users, of course:

"Disable Always-View-in-IE"
This does just what it says -- causes all of the always-view-this-page-in-IE stuff to shut down. Primarily useful if you insist on running Tab Browser Extensions, which stomps all over that stuff in ugly ways.
"Close tab/window after reload"
When an Always-View-in-IE page is launched via the command line, or the address bar (that is, anywhere but a clicked link or a bookmark), we launch IE and then leave a "this page has been reloaded in IE" placeholder behind. This option, when enabled, causes that page or tab to close once we've loaded IE.