First time in a while.

Saw Elvis Costello and the Impostors last night. Oh my fucking god it was a great show. 25 or so years I’ve waited to see the guy, and damned if it didn’t live up to my expectations. Played for two hours, barely stopping to breathe. Old stuff, new stuff, hits, obscurities. Didn’t even mind the surrounding chatterbox idiots who couldn’t be bothered by anything that doesn’t get played on classic rock radio. Tough shit. I’m glad he mixes it up, ‘cause it’s certainly clear that he’s far from bored with what he’s doing.

A big highlight was a reworking of one of the Bacharach/Costello songs (“In The Darkest Place”) with thick distorted guitar subbing for the strings. I gotta say, watching EC play guitar these days is a blast – it’s coming from this Neil Young-meets-Link Wray place, and he’s clearly loving every second of it.