Dug up an old Crash Basket song, “Nobody’s Bleeding”, off of our first casette (do we have to start explaining what those were yet? or is that a couple of years off?). I still don’t have the DATs for that tape, but pulled this off of a compilation CD we were part of.

Anyway, I really like this one… certainly one of my favorite piss-and-vinegar lyrics, trying to be happy that a very-much-missed ex had moved on.

"When you said you were happy for me
Were you lying like I'm lying now?
Fresh in my hand there's seven stitches
Cardboard on the wall where the window used to be..."

Like all the good ones, this was just barely an exagerration at the time.

Good times, good times. I’m sure my then-current girlfriend was thrilled about this one. Certainly glad I’m not that self-absorbed and depressed now, but it sure made writing easier.