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IE View 1.3.8, Now Monkeying With Bookmark Menus

IE View v1.3.8 is out, and in the usual place.

There’s a fix that solves an installation problem for a small set of users, and several updated translations.

But the main change is that I’ve added an “Open in Internet Explorer” to the context (right-click) menu for bookmarks. So right-click a bookmark, either in the Bookmarks menu or in the Bookmark Toolbar, and you have the option of launching that page in IE.

Screenshot showing context menu

Note that this works in Firefox 3 (and higher) only.

On the one hand, I’m happy to have this feature, and a lot of users are as well. On the other hand, the bug requesting this has been open since November 2003. Not exactly the fastest response ever – although in my defense, doing this under Firefox 2 would have taken the kind of surgery that tends to interfere with other extensions. It’s always been a goal to keep IE View very well-behaved and unobtrusive.

Ah, the joys of spare-time coding.