Paul Roub

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What the Hell Is Keventd Up To?

Scratching my head on this one. Since upgrading my server to kernel 2.4.24PIII (uniprocessor), keventd is constantly taking 70 or 80% of CPU. It seems to yield OK, in that web processes, spamassassin, etc. get space to run when needed, but it’s weird. A box that used to sit with lots of idle time now seems to be running full throttle; it may be in my head, but I think it shows in web and IMAP responsiveness.

Nothing untoward in netstat, nor in ps, at least that I’m able to find. I’d hate to think we’ve been owned, but I have to admit the slight possibility.

Any suggestions on how to at least figure out what keventd is trying to do with all this time?