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Need to Grow a Mullet

Sticking to the completely trivial for now, as all I have room for in my head is that end of the spectrum, or the extremely serious end – and who needs to hear what I have to say about all that? It’s still all too much to wrap coherent thoughts around anyway…

So on the trivial side, staying within my capabilities… When did I become a country singer? Apparently it happened, at least in the view of various denizens of I’ve had a couple of acoustic things up there for a while (more to come, very soon, hopefully), and several people have added “The Simple Things” to their playlists. Country or country-rock playlists, almost all. Hmm. I mean yeah, it’s two guys with acoustic guitars, but… I guess I’m biased because in my head, that song has a Motown-ballad vibe, with big round James Jamerson bass and a B3 carrying the day. To everyone else, something completely different seems to come across. Who knew? Guess I need to grow a mullet and quit rooting for Jeff Gordon.