If I Show You a Picture On My Phone... Don't Swipe Left, Don't Swipe Right, Just Look

Yes, I started with a meme1. But shorthand can be helpful — if you relate to the above, read on. Otherwise, this post is probably not for you.

I’d had this happen one-too-many times, and wished there was an app to let you show someone just a few photos. Turns out, as far as I could tell, there was not. So I wrote one.

It’s called Here, Look and it’s available now in the App Store2.

Apart from the “hey, look at this bird I saw this morning… no, wait, those weren’t selfies, I was just… um…” problem, I often want to show someone just my favorite few photos from recent days. Here, Look solves that nicely. Just tap this one, and that one, and these two, then hand the phone over to your friend.

I personally use the app several times a week, and am happy (and relieved) to have it around. It does one thing, does it well, and stays out of your way. No ads, no popups, no notifications, no nothin’.

Have a look, and if you do like it, please leave a review behind in the App Store (the app itself will never ask you to leave a review, because, ugh).

  1. Except not really. A meme is a whole different thing but I’ll stifle my nerd-rage, and bow to the colloquial, for the moment. 

  2. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch-only, for the moment. Expect an Android version in the future.