“Full of Holes” Reverse Kickstarter

When I recorded Acrophobe, I funded it using Kickstarter. For my new digital single, “Full of Holes”, I’ve decided to go another route. A reverse Kickstarter.

Instead of paying in advance for something I plan to create, I went ahead and made the music. Now… and here’s where it gets weird… you get to buy it.

And? AND! Bonus Reward Levels! Also in reverse.

Here’s how it works.

  • The thing already exists. It’s done, and available in the present (and the past).
  • You pledge money, but that pledge is fulfilled right now.
  • You get the music immediately. The funding goal is reached.

The minimum pledge (which we’ll call “the price”) is $1.00. You can pledge (or “pay”) more.

At higher reward levels, you’ll be able to choose something you already have, so you know you’ll be happy.

Reward Levels

$1.00: “I love you, man”

Receive “Full of Holes” in your favorite download format, and I’ll throw in a bonus track, “What I Just Said”, for free.

$2.00: “Whoa! Thanks!”

Everything above, plus that spare key you can’t find. It’ll turn up, watch.

$5.00: “Starbucks cash!”

Everything above, and your most-beloved object within reach at the moment of purchase. Like that red stapler? You’re welcome.

$10.00: “For reals?”

Everything above, and one or more of your favorite, comfy, well-fitting T-shirts.1

$25.00: “Have you thought this through?”

Everything above, and… are you sure? You should perhaps consider spending less on this, and buying my CD. Oh, and tomorrow? Hit the snooze button one extra time, guilt-free. I know. I’m awesome.

$50.00: “Please don’t do this.”

Everything above, and – I presume – a refund, when you realize your mistake. Don’t drunk-pledge, kids!

Where do I sign up?

Glad you asked. Head right over to music.paulroub.com, choose your price, and download away.

You can also buy from the usual suspects (and the other usual suspects), but none of the bonus levels are available2, and the free bonus song isn’t free. Your call.

  1. Quantity will vary from closet to closet. 

  2. Except in your miiiiiiind, maaaaannnn.