Just got in from a nice run on a beautiful night. Not too long, not too fast. An easy weekday run. Almost punted and gave in to “I’m tired, there’s laundry, I’ll run in the morning.” I’m glad I didn’t, and I’d like to remind my stupid self why, for next time.

You’ll be tired in the morning, too. Tired and sleepy.

There’s always laundry.

You’re often more tired after running. At night, that’s a good thing; less so in the morning.

You like running, remember? You pay money and drive places to pin a number on your shirt and get excited and take pictures of starting lines.

walking to the starting line

The rice and beans and veggies and curry powder you put in the pot before you left smell amazing. All post-running food is the best food. Remember the bananas after the last race? Yes, you do.

If you’re reading this in the summer, remember that you get to jump in the pool afterwards. I suggest bringing a mango (see above re: food).

“Tired legs from running” is a much better feeling than “stiff neck from falling asleep on the couch.”

When else do you get to listen to music with no other distractions? How great is the new Craig Finn? (correct answer: pretty great)

That feeling after the first mile.

That feeling after the second mile.

That feeling with one mile to go.

That feeling right now.

In Summary: Shoes on, out the door, now.