First of all — thanks to everyone who came out to the House of Joe and the Stage 84 / Insync with Autism benefit show. The latter, by the way, raised something like $1300. People rock sometimes, is my point. Alex and Brian, especially.

Next up? Been having a lot of these discussions...

"Hey Paul, when are you gonna be back at the Sun Shoppe?"
"Now that you're back, guess we'll be seeing you at the Sun Shoppe, huh?"
"When can we see you at the Sun Shoppe?"
"Hey, Mark, can I come play at the Sun Shoppe?"
"Hey, Paul, when can we get you playing here?"

There seems to be a general agreement that this is a very good idea.

So... next Saturday, 8pm until, oh, let's say 11... I'll be at the Sun Shoppe in Melbourne once again.

Will I play all of the CD and then some? Sure!
Old songs I barely remember? Bet!
At least one Jonathan Coulton cover? Undoubtedly!

It's gonna be fun. All the more so if you're there.

Saturday, October 23, 8pm

The Sun Shoppe
540 E New Haven Ave, Melbourne, FL
(downtown Melbourne, nearly across the street from the Henegar Center)

Want a flyer to print out and plaster hither and yon? Sure you do! here (PDF).

Info on this, and all gigs, can be found at