<p>So after a brief flurry at the beginning, sales of my CD have pretty much dropped off. Instead, lots of free downloads are happening. I like this very much, and I’d like to see it continue. And you can help.</p>

If you're reading this and haven't yet downloaded Acrophobe, by all means head to music.paulroub.com, click "Download", and enter "0" as the amount you'd like to pay. Then download away.

If you like what you hear, tell your friends. That's what this blog post is about - how to share. Sharing is good. Sharing is nice. Sharing gets the music heard, which is ultimately the point of the whole thing.

If you want to let your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, etc. know about the whole CD, head over to the CD page and click "Share":

Follow the instructions from there. Thanks!

Have a favorite song you'd like to point them to instead? Here's how.

Let's use "Mind of its Own" as an example - I'm kind of smitten with that one at the moment. Click on "Mind of its Own" in the tracklist:

Then click the "Share" button on the song page. Thanks again. You rock.

If you, or your friends, want to know when gigs are happening, or other (occasional) updates, please either "Like" my Facebook fan page, or head to my front page and join the Mailing List. Or both.

Thanks again for helping me give stuff away.