Google tells me I’m not the first to have seen this issue, but I hadn’t found any suggestions on fixing/working around it, so I thought I’d post mine.

Eventually, Seesmic will have a fix, but in the meantime:

(Sometimes?) when attempting to view the Twitter profile of someone you don’t follow (by clicking on their name in someone else’s tweet), you’ll see an empty frame, with just the text Seesmic.SWin.Presentation.ProfileViewModel at the top, covering up the right end of your Window. It can’t be dismissed, because it never got around to drawing its close button. And it persists, as does all your window state, when you restart Seesmic.

The workaround is to shut down Seesmic, kill off that panel from the saved state, and restart.

Step one - find your saved state. It’s buried under some hash-named directories that will vary from system to system, so an Explorer search will help you here.

Ultimately (for the current Seesmic for Windows version), you’re looking for %appdatalocal%\Apps\2.0\Data\something\something\swin..tion_853dd26996d3889f_0000.0005_431a1770b2e25031\Data\\user.config

Having found that file, make a backup copy. Now open it in your favorite text editor and search for:


Change “true” to “false” - and nothing else - and save. When you re-open Seesmic, the panel will be closed.