Since I was in there anyway

IE View actually got a bit worse with the advent of Firefox 3. Previously, we’d hooked into the Bookmarks menu so that – when a bookmarked page was in the “always view in IE” list – clicking on that bookmark would launch IE immediately, with no extra steps.

Firefox 3 uses a completely new bookmarks/history/etc., and that integration no longer worked. You’d click a bookmark, Firefox would start to load the page, IE View would notice, launch IE, and leave behind a “this page was reloaded” placeholder in Firefox. Works, but irritating.

So I’m fixing that. Or, hopefully, have already done so – but I don’t want to release without testing beyond my own machines.

So if you have a moment, especially if you’re seeing this behavior and would like it to go away, please try out the IE View version attached to this bug, and let me know how it goes.