Since it appears Bloglines will never answer my request for sane ‘My Start Page’ behavior, here’s a DIY fix if you’re using Firefox.

To recap: Bloglines (beta) has a My Start Page feature, similar to old-school Bloglines “Playlists”, which lets you pick a selection of your feeds as an at-a-glance front page. Nice, except it displays both read and unread headlines; for me, this makes it kind of useless. Why do I need to see the same Groklaw post I read three days ago?

Edit or create userContent.css (details on finding that available from Mozilla), and include the following:

div.quickviewTemplate div[ismarkedread="1"] { display: none; }

This just tells Firefox to hide any headlines in the Bloglines Beta Start Page which are already marked as “read”.

You’ll need to restart Firefox to see the results.