IE View v1.3.4 was released yesterday. What’s new?


  • You can now edit the entries in the always-load-in-IE list – either via the Edit button or by double-clicking.
  • Adding both secure (https) and non-secure (http) sites to the always-in-IE list when either one is added. That is, if you’re viewing and you choose “Always View This Page in IE” from the Tools menu, we’ll add both the and to the list

Bug fixes

  • Fixed IE View’s behavior when opening multiple pages via the Open All in Tabs command.
  • Cleaned up back-button behavior when the “reloaded in IE” placeholder page is used.

New translations

  • Frisian
  • Spanish (Argentina)

Thanks for the bug reports and testing; and a huge thanks to the BabelZilla volunteers. I didn’t even know Frisian existed, and now my extension supports it.

Download at Mozilla Add-Ons