… that simply using them makes me happy.

Firefox / Thunderbird extensions

  • Linky – I forget that this isn’t already part of Firefox. I get extremely annoyed when “open selected links in tabs” is not available on a new installation.
  • Nostalgy – fast Thunderbird message filing with auto-complete. My new favorite thing.

Of course, I use IE View all the time, but I don’t really get excited about it. It’s not fun like those two. And the bug list beckons…

Other apps

  • MediaMonkey – syncs to my iRiver just the way I want it to. The UI is fast and just what I want. Auto-encodes FLAC to Ogg when syncing. Saves ratings in the file metadata where it belongs. And so on…
  • Fortress in Eclipse – yes, I work for SourceGear. Yes, it’s pretty much my job to love this. But I still do, and you can’t stop me.

Actual physical objects