So, yeah, the move is in progress. Slowly, as these things tend to go.

So far, I’ve driven the van up to Champaign, filled with guitars and stuff; painted the kids’ rooms and so forth; actually worked a few days; and flown back to oversee the movers. Got a tow hitch put on my car, rented and filled a trailer with must-have-before-the-truck-arrives things, and had a yard sale. The amp is still available, by the way.

The packers came on Friday. The truck was supposed to come by today to start loading, and finish tomorrow (Monday). But today we run into the snags that have put me in my current less-than-sparkling mood. (‘cause I’m usually an absolute treasure to be around)

First we find that the packers missed a ton of stuff; some was just forgotten, others (like most of the garage) were sort of moved around and tidied, but not packed in any way that the truck crew can make use of. So that sets things back a bit tomorrow…

But not as much as the impedance mismatch between the size of the moving truck (a full semi, moving our house and another in one load) and the size/layout of the neighborhood’s entrance. No one from the movers had noticed this before.

So in the a.m., I’ll give the driver a lift to U-Haul, whence he’ll rent a “shuttle” truck to haul stuff from our house to the nearest viable semi parking spot. My Wednesday night arrival in Champaign is sounding a bit optimistic.

Normally, I’d just drive later/longer to make up the time, but this time it’s me and the dog. Who has a bladder infection. And is thus somewhat incontinent. So frequent stops, and not too long a day in the car.

Meanwhile, Christy and the girls flew up today. And AirTran lost one of their bags. So much for me trying to take over the stressful part so she can just settle in. But the girls love the new house. And someday, someday, we’ll sell the old one.