Paul Roub and Gordon Withers

Last night was just fantastic. Money was raised, chocolate beers were drunk, and a ton of music was played. The whole night was great, but Alex/frenjen‘s set w/Gordon Withers on bonus cello was just brilliant; and Gordon’s closing set of Jawbox-for-cello was just amazing.

For my part, that was one hell of a half-hour on stage. Gordon joined me for a cover of Jawbox’s “Cooling Card”, and elevated my little acoustic re-take to something much cooler. Then Alex clambered up to join me on “[”Disappear":]", followed by some actual Crash Basket material — “[”Mind of its Own":]" and “[”No Problem":]". I don’t know when I last played the latter, but I’m sure it didn’t sound as good as it did last night. And then on my own for “Closer”.

And the crowd and staff at the Funky Buddha couldn’t have been nicer or more supportive.

Photos? Sure, have some.

Update: Jen weighs in on the night. Denny’s was, indeed, fun.

Update 2: Neil sent some more pictures

Update 3: Some more photos up on Gordon’s blog.