I’ve decided New Year’s resolutions don’t work for me. I’ve also decided to blame this fact on the too-long timeframe, not on my own lack of will power.

Consequently, I’m making some short-term resolutions for this month.

  • Record a fleshed-out demo of "Disappear". This is doable for a number of reasons:
    1. I'm having fun recording (playing) with my christmas present.
    2. Therefore, the basic rhythm track and a scratch bass line are already down.
  • Buy a new bass. There's a reason that the existing bass line is labeled "scratch". A fretless with a bad neck is not the ideal recording tool. Something cheap, serviceable, probably a Squier or Mexi P-bass.
  • Get the running back up to 3 days a week. Got way off track since November.
  • Put up temporary shelves in the garage, and use them, while deciding what the hell kind of permanent storage and workspace solution is needed.


Let’s see how that goes.

Update, 2005-01-04: One down. Bought a used Squier P-Bass at Guitar Haven, easily the most Ed’s Guitars-like place I’ve found since, well, Ed’s. Which is high, yet difficult to explain, praise.

Update, 2005-01-24: Shelves went up last week. Bass, main guitar and percussion tracks recorded. Running tonight, Thursday and Saturday (so goes the plan).