So Tuesday went well. Had fun, made new friends, tied for first in the competition. And therefore, back I go on Tuesday (12/13) to the Sun Shoppe. Details / directions / etc. at, as always. This one’s all about audience voting, so come one, come all. If I do somehow win, all the money will go to Broadway Cares / Equity Fights Aids.

The problem with that plan is – I now give a damn whether or not I win.

Anyway, Tuesday was a blast. Very loose, fun set – since the crowd was almost without exception there to see the other acts, I didn’t have much to lose. So I just had a good time, played well, and it ended up being pretty infectious. The spontaneous, well-timed handclaps all the way through “The Simple Things” were a highlight for me. Thanks to those who know who they are.

That’s the worst sentence I’ve ever written, I think.

To sum up: Tuesday. 8pm. Sun Shoppe in Melbourne. Eat, drink, clap, vote.