So I tried to sign up with Frappr yesterday, with less-than-successful results. So off goes the bug report, to wit:

Trying to sign up, I get an "invalid email" error -- using , the account I'm using right now. What gives?

Now keep in mind, they’re not trying to mail me anything. Just trying to register with my email address as my login ID, per their requirements. Weird.

Later that day, I was able to register anyway.

And this morning they replied to my initial report: is not currently compatible with Frappr. We're looking into this as we've gotten a couple notices of this for non-common email addresses.

So my… email address isn’t… compatible with… your registration form? OK.

Obviously, the first response that comes to mind is “Bullshit.” Which is accurate, but not terribly useful. Instead, I went with:

Ummm. A couple of things. (a) I was later able to sign up, using that email. Getting email updates and everything. (b) How could an email address not be "compatible with Frappr"? Seems kind of insane.

So we’ll see how that goes. It’s a cute service, maybe even useful, but can we at least strive for support responses that make sense?


Somehow or other, Frappr and Privoxy aren’t getting along. Checking the proxy logs, I must have used a different (non-proxied) browser when I successfully signed up. Just tested another address – with Privoxy, failure. Without, all signed up. So there we go.