Tuesday, December 6th, I’ll be playing at the Sun Shoppe Caf� in Melbourne. This is actually part of their Battle of the Acoustics, a multi-week, single-elimination, bare-knuckles, WWF-sanctioned competition. I made some of that up.

In actual fact, I’m not aiming to win, so much as get in front of a local audience (since I live here now), and in front of the folks at the Sun Shoppe – since I really like and want to play at the place; they don’t have an open mike as a first-impression route; and it’s well-documented that I’m no good at the gig-solicitation thing.

Regardless, the night should be fun, as the mix of performers (myself, Chris Kahl, Shorthand Provision and Moonshine Blue) is all over the musical map.

The show starts at 8pm; running order will be determined that night.

The Sun Shoppe is located at 540 E New Haven Ave. in Melbourne. Call 321-676-1438 if you need more info.