Via the best ever, with instructions copied verbatim:

it's easy i promise. copy this list, post it on your blog. leave in the bands you have seen perform live and delete the ones you haven't seen. finally add new ones that you have seen until you have 25 bands. one * means the previous person had that band on their list. two ** means that the last two people who did this before you had that band on their list. add an * if you have seen the same band as me.

So here’s my version. Odd that there’s almost no overlap, when I love a lot of the bands in the previous list. I can’t quite bring myself to believe I haven’t seen Bob Mould. And I wonder if I can count Interpol since I saw Sam in the Holy Terrors several bazillion times? Nah.

  1. metallica ****
  2. paul westerberg
  3. the replacements
  4. elvis costello
  5. cheap trick
  6. frank zappa
  7. richard thompson
  8. michelle shocked
  9. marilyn manson
  10. the mavericks
  11. jeff beck
  12. nrbq
  13. chris whitley
  14. bruce springsteen
  15. the who
  16. paul mccartney
  17. stevie ray vaughan
  18. glen phillips
  19. eric clapton
  20. clarence gatemouth brown
  21. prince
  22. u2
  23. r.e.m.
  24. lone justice
  25. the genitorturers

Yeah, I’m kinda old. Kiss my ass.