I probably should have mentioned IE View 1.0’s release. Oops. It’s cool, it’s better than before in a variety of ways - notably a cleaner, improved and easier-to-use “always view this page in IE” list.

Meantime, though, the test prereleases in Bugzilla are where the best stuff lives.

All users are encouraged to grab the latest test build attached to bug 10225 – it corrects a problem where deleting the last entry from the always-view-in-IE list can cause IE View to launch every page in IE.

Mozilla users wanting the same friendly Options dialog that Firefox users see should check out bug 10222.

You can now use wildcards in your always-in-IE lists: see bug 10191

The page which tells you we’ve reloaded your request into IE now links to the options dialog in case you didn’t want that to happen – see bug 10220

Most of this will find its way into a 1.1 release in the very near future; in the meantime, feedback would be very much appreciated.