Via BoingBoing:

A middle school marching band in Benton Harbor, Michigan was banned from performing Louie Louie. The Associated Press reports that the school superintendent thinks the song is inappropriate, even though the band is playing an instrumental version.

Since then, new, improved, bonus idiocy: the good news – they’ve decided to let the band play the song after all. But check out the press release:

[The band directory] was unaware of the sexually explicit lyrics of the song...

What sexually explicit lyrics? There are none. Yes, Hoover and crew wasted time investigating the lyrics as (mis)understood by an unspecified number of complete idiots. Yes, it’s fun to still pretend that the lyrics are dirty. But they’re simply not. Never were.

Seriously, should this woman be allowed to drive or leave the house unattended, let alone oversee a school district?