Had to mention that I got my Taylor back from J. Michael Instruments yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

Hadn’t been happy about the plugged-in sound (and old under-saddle Fishman setup); Jay recommended a B-Band dual-pickup system, with an onboard blender to a mono out.

First off, the new setup sounds amazing. As in, actually sounds like the guitar, instead of all quacky and piezo-y. And having blender/volume at hand, plus no more outboard preamp, is gonna be great.

While he was at it, of his own volition, Jay did a beautiful setup and action adjustment on the guitar. And wouldn’t let it leave the store without polishing up the face. And just generally did beautiful work, and gave a shit about the results, even though as a luthier and seller of high-end guitars, he has better things to occupy his time than my little pickup job.

So chalk up one more customer-for-life. I’m sure he already has many.