Paging the Scobleizer, Kibo of the blogosphere…

I’m just geeky enough (OK, way more than geeky enough) to want a Tablet PC pretty badly. Add in OneNote and Visio and I’d never bring paper to a meeting again. Can’t use a pen to code C#, of course, but does BizTalk have any ink support?

But we’re getting close to moving into a new house, not making any impulse purchases right now, blah blah blah. But this isn’t about getting me interested. That’s done, it’s just a financial thing. And maybe picking out the right one. On which topic…

I went into CompUSA yesterday, in search of a Firewire cable. While there, I was drawn to the wall of pretty pretty LCD panels and laptops. Wondered if a Tablet or two might be around for side-by-side comparison – how does this one feel in hand vs. that, which stylus feels better, etc.

But no. Not a one.

I’d argue that a serious impediment to Tablet adoption / interest is the fact that most people have never seen one – and if the local PC megamart doesn’t have a few around, who will? I know MS doesn’t manufacture the boxes, but I also know they hold… ummm… some influence with the manufacturers and retailers. Why not push the things out where they can be seen? From experience, an in-hand Tablet can inspire serious geek lust; and in just the locale where people are really kinda hoping to unleash their inner impulse shopper.

Just a thought. I realize that more-marketing-savvy folks than I (that’s a good half the planet, at least) have undoubtedly considered this; so why is this not viewed as a good idea? I’m proceeding on the assumption that if Microsoft considers an idea worth doing… it pretty much gets done. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we know this to be true.