A fun side effect of OSS development is the people who throw in help you didn’t even ask for. I just put out a new IE View build – no new features, I just finally got around to adding in some localization. Basically, a bunch of people, independent of each other, started mailing me things like “here’s a Traditional Chinese translation of IE View” or “IE View in Polish”. So they’re all in there now. How cool is that?

I’m kinda secretly hoping that at least one of them is messing with me, so perhaps the Polish version says “This extension sucks” instead of “View this page in IE”. Much as I’d be more amused than annoyed if it turned out there were some crank entries in openmikes.org – e.g. one of the Christian Open Mike nights actually led to a Skeptics’ Society meeting, or a Blues Jam entry pointed you to a DJs-with-laptops dance night.