Doc Searls mentions “powered speakers in hotel rooms. Just plug in your .mp3 player,” as suggested by Buzz Bruggeman.

Nice, but… how quickly would those be stolen?

How ‘bout front-mounted Auxiliary audio inputs on the hotel TV? Just a couple of RCA ins, combined with a very common adapter cable (they could supply mini-stereo to dual-RCA on request, I suppose), and you’re good to go. How ‘bout demanding that as standard car stereo equipment, while we’re at it?

And how about adding inputs right next to the headphone outs on the PC speakers sitting on my desktop?

Big RCA jacks too ugly? Then just go with the same mini plug as the outs we’re all using, and we can use little symmetrical cables which would lend themselves quite nicely to retractable formats.

The number of adapters I could get rid of…