So, actually heard back from Audible, albeit through a moderate customer service filter. Basically a rewording of boilerplate we've seen before. Still referring to Javascript as Java, still leaving us to infer that the reason for all the Javascript is "faster load times".

We thank you for contacting the home of the best audio � We use java for faster access on the page and we limit the amount of time we have for open sessions to stop and prevent jams. At the moment we cannnot create Guest session on the spot save the home page becuase of how our ecommerce is setup which actually requires an acive session. This request will be forwarded to our developers at great ideas and if feasible will incorporate into our system. However can take a couple of weeks since there are other ideas they are currently working on.

So, I don't know. I give up. They're not listening.

If there was another ship to jump to, with a similar subscription deal, I'd be gone.