The domain-squatting weasels have struck again. Same ones as last time, and now they’re hoarding

Even tried to play hard(er) ball this time, had three different "backorder" services trying to snatch the domain up when it came out of PENDINGDELETE status. But first to the trough wins, and that would be the weasels, yet again.

I ask again: how do they get away with even pretending this is a legit, good-faith domain registration?

Oh, and this is priceless. Elsewhere on their site, the weasels can be found complaining about Verisign's proposed Wait-List service. Now, Verisign are certainly no one's favorite registrar, but you have to love:

" ... a scheme unilaterally proposed by Verisign in order to enable it to receive $20-$30 per WLS subscription, instead of a maximum of $6 for an actual domain registration ..."

Yeah, that's much worse than snapping up every name in site, indefinitely, and holding them for $600+ ransom. I weep for you in your unfair suffering.