If you’re any kind of web geek (of course you are, you’re reading a blog - deal with it), you definitely want to check out the batch of interviews over at Meet The Makers. Folks like Jeffrey Zeldman and Steve Champeon talking about the things they do very well.

If you’re like me (perish the thought), though, you want to print things like this out and read them at your convenience. Oops - the interviews are in multi-page form only. So even if you do print out all 7 pages, you get a bunch of redundant header pages, etc.

Naturally, being a good, real-work-avoiding developer, I wrote a li’l script. Page headers, footers, background, links etc. are preserved. I did, however take a small liberty with the printed CSS, just making the distinction between questions and answers.

Source is here, if you’re interested. Thrown together in a morning, so be kind. Patches and suggestions welcome.

And thanks to Brian for not blocking my IP when he saw all the weirdness in his server logs.